Heinlein Flipdropper®, a new pharmaceutical packaging

25, October, 2021

Heinlein Flipdropper®

Heinlein Flipdropper® combines user-friendly handling with ideal product protection. Its main characteristic is its One-piece flip top cap with tamper-evidence and integrated drip function.

The hinged lid can be opened in one step and the contents can then be dispensed. That is, no difficult unscrewing is necessary and content is accessed quickly, with a simple push / pull mechanism.

The dosage is perfect with return of the product without waste. It is suitable for liquids with different viscosities and has a tamper-proof closure.

It is only three steps. The first step is to push up the top, simply pressing to open it. The second step is to turn and drop the drop, the handling is intuitive and the dosage is perfect: the integrated universal drip function starts to drip as soon as the container is lowered. Finally, the top part has to be pulled down, resulting in a secure seal without residue and can be safely re-closed thanks to the intuitive push / pull mechanism.

Made from PE-HD, it can be processed on all common sealing machines. It is an ideal container for both pharmacy products such as medicines, food supplements, etc.

This container won the World Star 2021 award.


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