GiuliaPivetta, Sales Manager Spain and Portugal, Vetroelite

December 1th 2023

«We work to be the ideal partner for those looking for something unique»

Since 1994, Vetroelite has been researching innovative approaches in the world of glass packaging for the beverage, food and perfumery sectors.

Since 1994, Vetroelite has been investigating the world of glass. What are you currently focusing on?
Vetroelite is today the fruit of intuition, but even more so it is a story of small and large achievements. We work hard to be the ideal partner for those looking for something unique, distinctive, created in detail.
Our great passion for glass and the experience acquired over the years allow us to offer 360° packaging solutions to the market: from the bottle to the decoration. A proposal dedicated to the specific needs of different product sectors: spirits, perfumes, food and wines.

In 2021, Vetroelite becomes a Tricorbraun company. What synergies have been created?
For more than 25 years, Vetroelite has distinguished itself with packaging solutions defined by superior quality, distinctive designs, technical expertise and a strong focus on innovation. We continue to provide these solutions with TricorBraun's support and investments in our growth. The result is extraordinary: a strong presence in Europe and great experience to better serve clients around the world.

How much is your turnover?
In 2022 we reach a turnover of 60 million euros, 80% of which is related to exports.

In how many countries are they present? What does Spain represent in your total turnover?
We work with 65 different countries. Spain represents around 3% of our turnover.

They are mainly aimed at the spirits, perfumes, food and wine sectors. Is it perhaps the drinks where they have a better positioning and a greater offer?
We have a multifaceted proposal, capable of enhancing the infinite nuances of a product. In the world of spirits we have a wide range of gin, vodka, rum and cognac. We are also renowned for our range of rosé wine bottles.

What actions are you implementing to achieve more sustainable production?
For Vetroelite, being green means broadening the horizon and understanding sustainability as a process that never ends. A thought that guides our strategy in all operational phases, a philosophy that accompanies us in the choice of design, materials and their combination.
As a company, over the years we have rethought production processes, materials, and logistics processes.
We are constantly working to expand the range of items with a good percentage of recycled glass, from production and PCR waste, without losing shine and transparency. Always respecting the Vetroelite aesthetics.
To give back to the Earth a small part of what it gives us every day, we created our forest in collaboration with Treedom: we have chosen to plant 650 trees in 7 countries around the world, absorbing an amount of -162,20 t * of CO2 from the atmosphere .
Awareness and sustainability, but even more, our concrete commitment to building a bigger and greener future. Our way of making a difference, even in the little things.

Are they applying ecodesign criteria?
Some of our most iconic products have been declined in the ECO version: lighter, with less glass at the bottom, but still with a refined and high-end charm.

They offer 360° packaging solutions to the market: from the bottle to the decoration. What does the Tailor Made service consist of?
Each of our containers is created with a precise objective: to preserve and enhance the content.
The Tailor Made service offers the possibility of having a product with an exclusive and unprecedented design, specially designed for the client. The vast experience acquired over the years, the passion for glass and the ability to create sartorially is what sets us apart; It is our touch, which sets the pace when we accompany the client in the packaging design stages.

What response are you getting with the new 3D configurator?
We have developed a new packaging design tool: a 3D configurator that makes design an even more immersive experience. The customer can choose from a wide selection of bottles and see the live preview of the matching customization between design, color and closures. A journey through our range of Chromie colors, a new way of guiding our customers so that their product is unique, in every detail.
Tell us about Chromie, a project in which color is the protagonist.
In packaging design, the choice of color is a gesture of great creativity. A way to profile and communicate, with immediacy, the true identity of a product. Chromie is a journey of inspiration, through nature and its elements, to discover a new world. Shades developed by Vetroelite to paint glass containers with uniqueness. A world of colors, to explore chapter after chapter.
Chromie is structured by chapters; The first is Radici. What is it based on?
Radici is a story of tradition, it is our collection of the essentials; the great classics that continue to surprise and tell new stories. To write this first chapter we start from the origins: ours and those of glass production.

Can you tell us the next phases?
The second chapter is Metafore, a collection that talks about similes that inspire and show us the world in another light: that of memory and wonder. We imagine color as a means of communication. Pure pigments become an authentic, almost primordial tool for visual and sensory stories.

What other news do you plan to launch?
At the end of the year we will launch a new collection of bottles dedicated to olive oil. The first launch will be inspired by nature and its elements.
Looking ahead to the new year, we are working to offer new features in each product area we cover.

What objectives do you have in the Spanish market and globally?
We are working to further consolidate the knowledge of the Vetroelite brand in the market, in addition to continuing to be at the side of existing customers.
We also act as a strategic partner for emerging brands that want a different product, studied in detail.

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