Hero and Realfooding present their fruit spread without added sugar and fiber

November 6th 2023


Hero y realfooding, a brand that promotes the consumption of healthy foods, launch their first fruit spread without added sugar and with high fiber content. Available in fig and blueberry flavors, it is aimed at a segment of the population that looks for options with a high fruit and fiber content and a natural sweetness. This new fruit product responds to a market need not currently covered and is aimed at consumers who prefer less sweet products and want to avoid the intake of sugars and sweeteners, both natural and artificial.

Hero and the Realfooding brand have developed a unique recipe that combines flavor and texture. The fruit spread is made up of 94% fruit, 5% fiber from chicory and agar-agar to achieve the spreadable texture, completely suitable for vegans. This innovative food product is intended mainly for consumption at breakfast and snacks, providing a healthy option with a high fruit content. In addition, it can also be used in baking as a filling for cakes or as a topping in yogurt, among other uses, providing versatility in the kitchen and enriching the culinary experience.

“Consumers are increasingly concerned about their well-being and the quality of ingredients. At Hero we constantly work to offer products that preserve the good of nature through naturally healthy foods. Therefore, in collaboration with Realfooding, we present a new product for consumers who are looking for products with high fruit and fiber content and without added sugars,” he explains. Christian Rosenfeld, marketing director of Hero Europe South.

For Carlos Rios, nutritionist promoter of the Realfooding movement and partner of the brand, this new fruit spread “evidently represents the essence of Realfooding, not only promoting the consumption of healthy eating, but also shaping and making tangible the brand's commitment to facilitating this type of diet for the population”. In turn, Juan Ignacio Zoido, CEO and partner of Realfooding, has highlighted “the teamwork and commitment of both brands in this collaboration throughout the entire process, from its research, development and innovation to the launch of this new product, which We are sure that it will revolutionize the shelves of the entire country.”

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