Hinojosa Pacs launches a project to reduce its water consumption by 30%

2th September 2019

Hand in hand with ADASA, E21 and the Innovative Business Groups CWP and Packaging Cluster, at the Hinojosa Pacs plant they have launched an R + D + i project with the aim of improving the use and control of the water used in the factory , as well as the necessary for the production of inks.

The goals set for this project are to achieve a 30% reduction in consumption, a 100% reuse rate of treated water and the generation of zero discharges in the plant. For this, the monitoring that controls the use of water has been optimized and tools from the so-called industry 4.0 have been used to improve the

In addition, throughout 2018 in Hinojosa up to 100% of the waste generated in the packaging plants was also reused, incorporating it as a raw material in the paper manufacturing factories, while 44% of the cardboard purchased by customers was certified with the FSC seal.

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