HP Indigo shows its innovations at Labelexpo 2015

30, September, 2015

During Labelexpo 2015, HP Indigo introduced its packaging and label printing portfolio innovations, including new product features and upgrade packages, software enhancements for mass customization, as well as new options. financing.

Among the new functions of the HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press, include:
Color Automation Package, a new color matching solution that uses the press's inline spectrophotometer and the new capabilities of the HP Indigo Labels & Packaging Print Server powered by Esko, offering converters a quick and easy process to match colors brand blueprints.
· The new HP ElectroInk Fade Resistant Ink set, which allows high value applications with high resistance to light for outdoor use.
· Greater media versatility, ease of use and lower cost of operation with the new Michelman DP680 Primer.
· Integration with industry-leading digital workflow solutions, including web-to-print solutions designed for product packaging and labeling orders, as well as new automation, testing and pre-press tools.
· Integration of HP SmartStream Designer with security solutions to create variable text printing (VDP) in micro-text, anti-counterfeiting QR codes, dynamic criss-cross, and complete tracking and monitoring solutions.
The narrow web web press series, the HP Indigo HP WS6000 Digital Press, now has installations in more than 60 countries and an installed base of almost double in the last two years. With the purchase of the 1.000th HP Indigo WS6000 series press worldwide, the Italian group Eurostampa is adding a fifth press to its current HP Indigo narrow web portfolio, with an HP Indigo WS6800 digital press to produce customized labels for brands of wine and spirits.



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