Conference "Challenges of the packaging sector in the framework of a circular economy"

December 22th 2014

The conference 'Challenges of the Packaging sector in the framework of a circular economy', held in Barcelona, ​​was organized by the Col·legi d'Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya, ESCI-UPF International Business, BIP Barcelona Institute of Packaging, Packaging Cluster and Ecoembes.
More than forty attendees, speakers and representatives of important companies in the sector participated in the day, and different points related to the concept of circular economy were discussed. Once the strategy to turn the EU into a “circular economy”, based on a recycling society in order to reduce the production of waste and use it as a resource, has been identified, a debate begins on the methods of action by the industry of the container.
Manel Bertomeu, President of the Packaging Commission of the College of Industrial Engineers of Barcelona and Managing Director of the BIP / Leitat, welcomed the attendees and presented the main topics to be discussed during the day and each of the speakers who participated in it .
Alba Bala, Responsible for the waste line of the UNESCO Chair of Life Cycle and Climate Change (ESCI-UPF), began the day by placing the attendees in the theoretical framework of the circular economy. Yolanda Morcillo, as Technician in the Prevention Department of the Waste Agency of Catalonia, reinforced Alba's explanations. Esther Colino, as Manager of European Affairs and Legislative Monitoring of Ecoembes, presented the prevention data for 2013 and, among other topics, explained some guidelines to facilitate the change towards a circular economy, promoting ecodesign. Victor Mitjans, Study Coordinator of the Foundation for the Prevention of Waste and Responsible Consumption, introduced the strategy of 'Residu Zero', that is, not to produce anything that cannot be reused, recycled or composted.
Then there was a round table, moderated by Manel Bertomeu, in which the previous speakers participated in addition to: Xavier Closa, Local R&D Laundry and Home care, Henkel Iberia, SA Oriol Aran, I + D, Font Vella / Lanjarón SA Victor Oliva, R&D Manager, GCR Group. The objective of the round table was to share practical experiences, and talk about the challenges, difficulties and opportunities that the incorporation of a circular economy model represents for the packaging industry.

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