Mandriladora Alpesa develops a new business line for premium packaging

23th October 2017

Boring machine Alpesa, a company that manufactures cardboard mandrels, tubes and rings, has started the development of a business line focused on premium packaging. This division is mainly focused on packaging for food products.

El the packaging of this new line is manufactured with 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, so it is eco sustainable. The development of this packaging has consisted of giving a use that is not the usual one for cardboard tubes.

The first packaging of this new product line, of which 300 units have been developed, has been a container designed for the “Practice fruting at school” campaign developed by the Sabor y Salud Foundation.

The objective of the campaign, directed by the Generalitat Valenciana with funding from the European Union, was to encourage the consumption of fruit through healthy breakfasts through an instrument that was used for food but also for fun.

Specifically, a craft that children could develop and turn into a rocket tube to play with but also which could then be given different uses as a case or others.

Mandriladora Alpesa has an annual production of 32.000 tons per year, which is the largest manufacturer in the Peninsula with a market share of approximately 17%. Its main factory is located in the Valencian town of Tavernes de la Valldigna although it has offices in Barcelona, ​​Córdoba and Madrid from which it provides service to the entire Peninsula.

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