Meteorite surprises with the packaging of Müix

January 18, 2022


The graphic proposal Meteorite for the packaging of Muix de Barquella Snacks, a Valencian brand of nuts gourmet, consisted of creating different illustrated characters to represent the flavors of each mix.

The characters are: the farmer rooster for e«Rustic Mix», the baseball raccoon for «Yankee Mix», the boy scout greedy bear for the «Hunny Mix», the master sensei cat to represent the «Exotic Mix» and the poodle with Marie Antoinette look for the «Royale Mix».

Each product has also been differentiated by colors and by type of container, flat inks with a thermo-sealed bag for the democratic ones and metallic colors with a doy pack for the premium ones.

It has been a comprehensive branding project in which, in addition to the brand and packaging, Meteorite It has developed POS displays, a launch box with a full range, a corporate dossier and a website.

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