Muguet 2022 by Guerlain by Atelier Truscelli

20, April, 2022


Guerlain has been celebrating the flower of luck for more than 110 years with Lily of the Valley, a delicate perfume interpreted successively by jacques guerlain in 1908, Jean Paul Guerlain The 1998 y Thierry wasser in 2016.

Every year the iconic Bee Jar that Muguet houses flourishes again with each artistic and innovative collaboration. For its 2022 Edition, the delicate lily of the valley corsage It transforms in a jewel set with crystals resplendent in the hands of the extraordinary creators of the Parisian Jewelery Atelier truscelli.

To decorate the emblematic Jar of Bees created by pochet du courval, Guerlain's historic glassmaker since 1853, Francesco Truscelli creates a piece as light and refined as the lily of the valley, and as spring-like as the fragrance. Imagined as a jewel, the rich and leafy bouquet of the 2022 Edition of Muguet is made up of two pieces: the lily of the valley bouquet, whose bells are set with sparkling crystals, and the leaves enameled in an intense green.

thrush is a Limited Edition of 5.000 pieces.


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