Wizard is born – Linking Opportunities

February 13th 2024

Machinery Wizard

Magician – Linking Opportunities is a new company specialized in providing machinery for the automation of production processes, which seeks solutions tailored to each client.

Founded by Pol Marín and Álex González, both with experience in the packaging sector after passing through the Packaging Cluster, Mago – Linking Opportunities is a new initiative that seeks to “revolutionize the industrial landscape through an innovative approach to the business model, leaving behind the traditional figure of intermediaries/representatives.

Mago was born with the vision of representing the interests and needs of its clients in front of automation solution providers, reimagining the traditional business model, infusing a fresh air and a more customer-centric approach in each step of the chain.

Its services are designed to optimize workflows, increase productivity and provide greater flexibility through the implementation of advanced technologies. It offers ad-hoc solutions, collaboration, customer orientation and negotiation with the supplier, without exclusivity of representation.

They follow a personalized methodology for each client, with a comprehensive service in several phases: analysis of the current production process, proposal for improvement (possibility of 3D rendering), selection of Key Players and presentation of projects, implementation of the solution with the possibility of public financing and monitoring.

They apply solutions for packaging (labelling machines, wrapping machines, etc.), beginning and end of line (from reception to boxing and cartoning) and other areas, such as transport logistics, product accumulation, conveyors, lanes, robotics with AI and ML, silos storage, diverters and aligners.

In summary, Mago offers a complete and personalized solution to companies seeking to automate their production processes.

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