Nikka launches Alis-M1

18, December, 2013

Alis-M1 is a new system for detecting the lack of label by artificial vision using a camera. This novelty from the German company Nikka automatically detects the label, thus achieving a very fast and precise setup.
Alis-M1 is fully installable on existing machines, counts labels for each channel up to 20 channels, with opaque, reflective or transparent support, and detects both faults and remains of matrix or splices and, optionally, important printing defects and flags.
One of the main benefits of the Nikka Alis-M1 is that it replaces traditional sensors, compiling their functions while controlling the rewinder to position defects automatically. It inspects at speeds up to 220 m / min and is available for 330 mm and 440 mm belt widths. Control functions are automatic and do not require constant operator attention.
Alis-M1 consists of a small module that houses a camera and a large format touch monitor that displays labels in real time.


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