We're going on vacation!

August 6st, 2019

After an intense first semester

After an intense first semester, we take a break to rest and come back more energetic, inspired and strong to continue our projects. 

From iDermo.com we wish you a happy summer, with or without holidays. 

You can continue reading iDermo.com during the weeks that we are away, although the volume of content will be less. 

We know that we want vacations to disconnect, but did you know that vacations (whether or not it is done in August) are beneficial for your body? When mentally on vacation from work, the body appreciates it by improving:

- Blood pressure (people who take at least one vacation a year have a 20% lower risk of death. On the contrary, those who do not take vacations in more than 5 years have a higher number of deaths from heart problems)

- stress reduction (improving or minimizing the propensity for depression, tension and tiredness)

- state of mind (disconnection helps to revitalize personal, couple, family and work relationships, as there is a relief from the tension accumulated by multiple obligations or office or personal problems)

- better quality of sleep (helping to increase creativity, to lose weight [bikini operation while you sleep], improving memory, and helping the body to regain its bio-rhythm that will favor regeneration)

Of course, as pharmaceutical professionals, let's not forget about solar radiation and take care of our skin in this month of risk. 

Thank you for choosing your magazine and information portal and we will see you back

IDermo.com team

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