Pere Albert, CEO Alglass

February 1th 2024

«The objective in perfumery is to offer a product that is as sustainable as possible in an integral way»

Alglass has been marketing, manufacturing and distributing glass containers for cosmetics and perfumery since the 70s. How have they managed to "survive" being a family business?
The fact that we are a family business has allowed us to create our own identity when working and give it continuity over the years. We have been able to adapt quickly and flexibly to the continuous changes within the sector.

What specific demands does the perfumery and cosmetics sector have? What are the current trends?
Currently, and for several years now, sustainable packaging is just the tip of the iceberg of a new economic model based on the so-called circular economy: reduce, reuse, replace, renew and recycle. The objective is no longer for only the packaging to be recyclable, but rather to go further and offer a product that is as sustainable as possible in its entirety.
The current trend is light glass containers; That is to say, with the minimum possible weight, the single material components to be able to recycle them more easily, as well as the screw mouths in high-end perfumes to be able to reuse them with refills; something exclusive to countertype fragrances and unthinkable a few years ago for niche perfumery.

They are the official distributors of Verescence and Aptar. What would you highlight about each of them?
Verescence is one of the world leaders in automatic production glass manufacturing with more than 120 years of history. It has large factories spread throughout Europe, North America and Asia. They have a wide catalog of standard products, as well as the necessary know-how to be able to develop customized projects for our clients.
For its part, Aptar, a leading multinational manufacturer of dispensing solutions at the European level, has offices in a large part of the European territory. It has a great R&D team in combination with the most advanced technologies of the moment that allows them to create innovative dispensing solutions, both for perfumery and cosmetics.

They offer comprehensive and personalized solutions. Currently, does the client always ask for a 360º approach?
We work with different types of clients. On the one hand, there are large laboratories that have teams specializing in packaging and we perform purely commercial functions. On the other hand, we have several clients who require complete advice from the beginning, with the choice of the container and its suitable accessories, until the delivery of the final packaging with decoration.

In their new offices in Badalona, ​​they are committed to sustainability. How have they managed to save energy?
They are more sustainable and at the same time healthier offices; Apart from saving energy consumption, they increase the productivity of workers. Factors such as temperature, air quality, lighting, noise level, materials, etc. have been taken into account to achieve the ideal work environment.
We have implemented an intensive recycling system, an electronic plan to try to do all the procedures online without paper printouts and we have also provided training to the entire staff in terms of good waste management practices.
Likewise, with the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof, we reduce energy consumption and can sell the surplus to the company.

Do you use post-consumer recycled material?
Verescence is a pioneer in the integration of post-consumer recycled glass (PCR) in the luxury packaging industry.
Currently there are 2 types of glass; Infini 20 with 20% PCR and Infini 40 glass with 40% PCR. 85% of 2022 productions were made with 20% PCR.
The trend is to gradually increase the PCR content in the glass compositions without any impact on its quality.
Aptar, for its part, has presented the first mono-material pump on the European market. Developed and manufactured in Aptar-Italy, it is composed entirely of PE (polyethylene), thus becoming the first 100% recyclable and disposable pump in the yellow container entirely.

In your opinion, what situation is the packaging sector in Spain in?
Like many other companies, last year the problems of raw material shortages in our factories caused constant delays in deliveries and general increases in prices. However, thanks to planning and direct contact with clients, we were able to strategically address and resolve each problem.
Currently, the packaging sector is stronger than ever. Despite pandemics and wars, it has recovered and surpassed pre-covid billing data.

Do they value their participation in fairs positively?
Fairs always help to maintain contact with clients and strengthen relationships, as well as to make yourself known to those companies that do not yet know you.
We are currently exhibiting at the PCD fair in
Paris, Empack Madrid and Hispack Barcelona.
In addition, we usually visit other fairs and share space with our representatives at Cosmoprof Bologna and Luxepack Monaco.

Have you thought about being part of a cluster?
The truth is that we have been considering the idea of ​​belonging to a cluster for years. This would allow us to share experiences with other companies in the same sector and improve competitiveness, promoting innovation and generating new business opportunities.

What projects do you have coming up?
The year 2023 has been a year of change. The company has experienced exponential growth, we have expanded the workforce, we have moved offices and we have acquired two more warehouses.
According to our studies, the forecast for 2024 is to maintain and stabilize this growth.
As far as the product is concerned, we are studying different proposals related to sustainability: accessories such as more sustainable caps or droppers.

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