Pujolasos intensifies its international activity after increasing its production capacity

July 2, 2015

Pujolasos wood & pack has announced new projects in the international arena. This is the first official foray of the firm in the United States, which will give an important boost to its growth.

Pujolasos wood & pack has increased its production volume to 650.000 units per week, thanks to the expansion of the new 5.000 m2 plant. They have also acquired two new machines: a robotic equipment for cutting-edge laser engravings on wood, and a high-capacity industrial lathe to achieve cleaner finishes.
In addition, Pujolasos has incorporated a varnishing line and a gluing line in its new factory in Sant Pere de Torelló, which are added to the assembly and quality control. The result is a comprehensive service that encompasses the entire production process: from the manufacture of the part to the finishes, through assembly and testing.
These new automations at the Sant Pere de Torelló plant have increased Pujolasos' production capacity by 30% in the first half of 2015.


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