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11, May, 2015

Lordships of Relleu®

Señoríos de Relleu®, “the premium olive oil that we like to give away”, surprises with its flavor and its packaging. There are three references, Delicate Coupage, Medium Coupage and Intense Coupage, which are made with the same autochthonous varieties but combined differently to obtain three different oil registers: Delicate (mild spicy and bitter), Medium (spicy and medium bitter) and Intense (the most itchy and bitter).
In the case "La Familia", the three references are offered telling the story of the three brothers that compose it (Delicate, the girl; Medium, the oldest; and Intense, the Spicy).
The individual gift box is a guessing game that tells, in another painting also painted by Paula Alenda, what people will discover inside.
Likewise, a product that they developed together with Salazones Serrano stands out, “La Salsa del Mediterráneo- Oleogarum”, which includes Garum + EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), in a very attractive packaging, designed by Paula Alenda and Pablo Auladel, to use it in the recipes recommended by Alicante Chef Dani Frias.

Señoríos de Relleu® has achieved, among other national and international awards, a “Best Of Class” in the Intense category, which is why it became one of the best 27 oils in the world, among almost 600 samples from more than 300 different producers. .


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