Smurfit Kappa celebrates its XNUMXth Innovation and Sustainability Day

November 20th 2023

Smurfit Kappa

Smurfit Kappa has celebrated his V Conference on Innovation and Sustainability at the Neptuno Palace in Madrid under the motto 'Creating ( ) Together'. An event attended by more than 200 people to learn, through different success stories and inspiring presentations, how the company works together with its clients in order to offer them packaging solutions that add greater value to their businesses and that make the difference.

In this edition, Smurfit Kappa has focused on its most innovative and sustainable packaging, as well as the importance of walking hand in hand with its customers to learn first-hand about their needs and business opportunities. In this sense, Juan Luis Gonzalez, director of the Pascual Quality Beverages Business Unit, and Teo Pastor, Marketing and Sales Director of Smurfit Kappa Spain | Portugal | Morocco, have explained how they have worked and continue to do so together to design the best packaging solutions for the products of one of the leading food brands in our country.

Félix Eguía, executive president of Eguía Group, continued the day by explaining how innovation becomes the main driving force for any business, especially in times of crisis. “We clients look for complicity, honesty, competitiveness in the supplier and another component of the team, capable of experiencing problems by providing solutions and enjoying success,” he stated.

Sustainability and innovation, the two inseparable pillars in the company

For its part, Alberto Granados placeholder image, president of Microsoft Spain and Forética, has combined artificial intelligence and sustainability to predict what awaits us in the future thanks to these two pillars: “By 2026, 70% of organizations that successfully apply observability, from both pillars, "They will reduce the time necessary for decision-making and improve their competitiveness," he assured.

Precisely, Berkenbosh Bow, Chief Innovation Officer Smurfit Kappa Europe, has shown how by integrating creativity, data and artificial intelligence the company creates totally revolutionary sustainable packaging.

As an example, Jesus Rivas, Director of Innovation and Business Development at Smurfit Kappa Spain | Portugal | Morocco, showed attendees the innovative Design2Market Factory of the sustainable packaging supplier: “This is a unique process in which we revolutionize the development of packaging by combining professionals, capabilities, experience and processes to generate trust and eliminate risk before a large-scale launch.”

For its part, sustainable fashion has also had a place with the founder and president of Ecoalf, Javier Goyeneche, which stands out for its avant-garde and for having become a benchmark in sustainability by manufacturing garments with garbage. A totally circular model like that of Smurfit Kappa, whose premise is always to reduce, recycle and reuse, with which it shares a philosophy, because it bases its policy on innovation, research, people and sustainable ethics.

Ruth Fraile, responsible for Sustainability and Better Planet Packaging in Spain, Portugal and Morocco, and Jurgita Girzadiene, Sustainability & Better Planet Packaging Director in Europe, have been in charge of giving examples of the company's commitment to recycling.

The humorous note was provided by the comedian Leo Harlem and the team of Smurfit Kappa designers, who, imitating 'The Resistance', have explained the challenges and experiences they face every day in their work.

Smurfit Kappa has been holding this event since 2011 with the aim of showing, through practical cases and the most relevant voices in the business landscape, how by betting on innovation and sustainability, packaging can be designed that makes a difference in a context as competitive as the current.

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