The Museum of Plastics is inaugurated in Madrid

10, May, 2021

On May 8, 2021, the Madrid Plastics Museum, a project started by Plastics of which the company paccor is one of the main sponsors.

The museum, a space made 100% of plastic, pays tribute to the various creations in plastics and highlights their unknown uses and utilities. It can only be visited for 10 days in the Plaza de Juan Goytisolo in front of the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid, since will be fully recycled on World Recycling Day on May 17.

Plastics, a plastics platform that serves as a meeting point for the different agents of the sector and the plastics value chain, was founded in November 2019. The founding partners are industrial associations such as Plastics Europe, Anaip, Aimplas and Cicloplast. EsPlásticos was born with the aim of publicizing sustainable plastic solutions as well as highlighting the technical, economic, social and environmental advances of the sector. The main messages of this platform focus on the circular economy, climate change, health and safety and marine litter.

"Given the constant and biased attacks that the plastics industry has been facing lately, EsPlásticos is now launching an original campaign that showcases the incredible properties of plastics, including their recyclability, and Paccor is proud to be a part of it," explains Andreas Schütte, CEO of Paccor.

EsPlásticos informs about the benefits of plastic and awareness about the correct management of waste to reduce environmental impact. In addition, innovation in the sector occupies a highly relevant space, highlighting R & D & i projects related to recycling and sustainable development, among others.

"All the evidence in favor of plastic that we usually do not perceive or do not value will be shown, thus generating new opinions that will contrast with the negativity that currently exists around its use," he says. Koke Pursals, CEO of Paccor Iberia SA


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