The Wanderer by Quadpack: perfect control, drop by drop

February 7th 2024

quad pack

The Wanderer, by Quadpack, he is an innovator dropper tube designed to offer a precise and localized application, thanks to its design. It is made with plastics from the same family, which can be recycled together and optionally contain post-consumer recycled material (PCR). Adding up to 28% PCR results in an 86% improvement in circularity, conferring the “Advanced” level of sustainability according to Quadpack's Positive Impact Packaging (PIP) classification.

The Wanderer incorporates a unique flow control disc that interrupts the flow of product to generate visibly separated droplets. By pressing the tube, the formula enters the pipette and circulates through the disc circuit, providing greater control to the user. In addition, the oblique tip facilitates direct application in small localized areas.

The Wanderer is specifically suited for low-viscosity formulas such as oils, lightweight serums and thin boosters, making it ideal for ready-to-use formulas or skincare rituals with custom product blends. It is available in diameters of 19mm and 25mm, with volumes between 7-20ml and 15-50ml, with an alternative of straight design or with a small shoulder under the cap. Brands can play with the dimensions of the tube, which can be short and wide or long and thin. They also have a huge variety of decoration options to adapt the solution to your brand identity.

Its design is functional and minimalist; It only has four components: tube, disc, pipette and cap. The cap and pipette are made of polypropylene, and the tube is made of polyethylene. It can be single-layer or multi-layer, and has an EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol) barrier that provides additional protection to complex formulas. The tube and cap may optionally include PCR content.​

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