Unión Papelera distributes The Tube by Favini

June 10th, 2019

Available in a range of single or double coated papers and cardboards, characterized by 9 intense colors, this material has a sensual surface, thanks to its matte appearance, which is also soft to the touch (soft touch) and resistant to finger marks. .
The tube, manufacturer favini, which was relaunched last year, has focused on restyling the color gamut providing a more elegant and luxurious impression. It also stands out that, thanks to its texture, it allows working with fibers and finishes, ensuring that the paper perform perfectly when bent; prints, sews, plus accepts lasers and embossing.
The ability of the materials that make up this paper to transform into a different material and assume textures that provide visual, tactile and emotional sensations, places The Tube among the preferred materials for printing and luxury packaging. It is FSC, ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) and EMAS (European Environmental Standard) certified and supports most major printing techniques, including screen printing. Also, the drying times are good. "However, like many specialty papers, we recommend a test print before printing," says Antonio Salas, director of purchasing and strategic marketing at Unión Papelera.

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