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UPM Raflatac has already achieved certification for all its papers

January 18, 2024

UPM Raflatac

All papers obtained by UPM Raflatac, whether used as a face paper or non-stick backing on your label materials, are now certified under a credible certification scheme. third party forestry certification. Having all papers certified is one of UPM Raflatac's climate and responsible sourcing objectives for 2030, which has already been achieved six years in advance.

“Reaching our 2030 goal so early is an important milestone that we could not have achieved without the support and close collaboration of our suppliers, and the drive and commitment of our employees. “Third-party forest certification is an important element in our responsible sourcing approach, combined with supplier development and evaluation activities, as well as continuous monitoring and risk management,” he says. Maria Seppälä, VP Sourcing (vice president of supply) by UPM Raflatac.

The rapidly evolving regulatory environment is putting increasing pressure on companies to improve the traceability of their raw materials as well as responsible sourcing practices. By having all your papers certified according to the FSC™ forestry certification systems (FSC C012530), PEFC (PEFC/02-31-196) or supported by PEFC, UPM Raflatac can help its customers achieve their responsible sourcing goals.

UPM Raflatac's idea is “to be the first company in the world in label materials beyond fossils.” At the end of 2021, the company set ambitious goals to accelerate the path to achieve this. In practice, this means increasing the use of certified papers and the traceability of other bio-based materials, working in factories and with suppliers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and developing innovative products and services that help brands to take climate action and achieve their own climate goals. .

The 2022 Climate Review outlines UPM Raflatac's progress in 2022 in three key areas: forests and lands, emissions and efficiency, and products and services. These areas form the backbone of the company's ambitious climate goals set for 2030. The Climate Review 2023 will be published in spring 2024.

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