Ametller Origen collaborates with Hinojosa in a sustainable container

26, January, 2022

Ametller Origin

Ametller Origin replaces the packaging of the category of prepared dishes and packaged fish by the sustainable packaging Halopack by Hinojosa, with which 80% of single-use plastic is eliminated

This new sustainable packaging is recyclable,since it is made up of a plastic film that insulates the food and recycled cardboard, which the user can easily separate for recycling.

With this change of packaging, Ametller Origen eliminates more than 50 tons of plastic disposable per year, corresponding to about two million packages. Every day the company offers more than thirty varieties of recipes prepared to be consumed at the moment, such as cod Catalan style, black rice, roast chicken, salads, pasta, etc.

“With this new ecodesign of the packaging for ready meals we manage to reduce our impact on the environment, offering a quality product with the maximum guarantees and more sustainable. This will mean a saving of more than 50.000kg of disposable plastic per year”, says the CEO and co-founder of Ametller Origen, Josep Ametller.

This new container, which is already available for the prepared dishes and packaged fish category in all Ametller Origen physical stores and in the online store, can be heated in the microwave.

As a company committed to healthy eating and sustainability and within the framework of the Fem Camí movement (, Ametller Origen will also replace disposable plastic containers in the packaged meat categories. “Continuing with our purpose of reducing the impact of our activity on the environment and advancing together towards a healthier and more sustainable world, we are working to be able to apply this new sustainable system as quickly as possible also in disposable packaging for meat products, veal and chicken”, affirms Josep Ametller.


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