Bomapi / Pixartprinting

May 7th 2014


Bomapi, a Sicilian artisan liquor store that began its activity in 1998, was born as a "craft laboratory" for the production of Liquors and Rosoli. The recipes of the Pistone family contemplate the wise use of citrus fruits, which in Sicily find the ideal conditions to grow exuberantly. Thanks to Pixartprinting, Bomapi has managed to develop its creative spirit to the maximum, giving life to a coordinated, young and current image through the different brands of the products, making them unique and recognizable, even if they have been made in limited runs.
From displays to roll-ups, from canvases to fabrics, from labels to packaging: the Bomapi graphic department, guided by Monica Maya Meli, has studied the entire Pixartprinting catalog over the years, always using new products and feeding their own creativity with the proposals of the Quarto D'Altino company.
Among the most recent creations are the conformed cut polypropylene labels made expressly for the "Liquorinos". The result has been a quality label characterized by an impressive, dynamic and current graphic.
Among the novelties in labels, materials, customizable formats, white and metallic color printing stand out.

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