Caudalie chooses Re Place, Lumson's refillable jar

November 7th 2023


For Premier Cru La Crème Riche Anti-age Global, a rich and silky anti-aging cream, Caudalie, committed to responsible beauty that respects the planet and the people who inhabit it, has chosen Re Place De Luxe, the range of Lumson refillable jars.

Re Place refillable jars are based on the principles of the circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) and at the same time embody the key points of sustainable design, rethink (from an ECO-design perspective), re-gen (refilling gives new life to the glass bottle), re-act (the brand and consumers actively participate in the process of reducing environmental impact).

With this choice, Caudalie saves almost 3,12 tons of multi-material packaging and 18 tons of glass each year (according to internal Caudalie estimates based on annual quantities).

The Re Place refillable glass jar offers a functional and sustainable solution: once the cream is used up, the inner PP cup can be disposed of through the appropriate recycling chain and replaced with a new refill. All components of the jar (inner glass, jar and lid) can be personalized and decorated with various effects to give the container a unique identity. For Caudalie, the matte gold lacquer and hot stamping of the bottle, the distinctive color of the inner glass and the logo engraved on the lid perfectly reflect the identity and essence of the brand.

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