CPhI predictions for 2022

10, January, 2022


CPhI Worldwide publishes its predictions of the pharmaceutical market by 2022, combining the research of more than 350 pharmaceutical executives and the expert opinions of 10 CPhI collaborators.

The findings suggest that there will be more than 30 new drug approvals by the FDA in the next year, more than five commercial COVID vaccines, resulting in reduced production in CDMOs and consequently margins and profits. higher for supply companies, with rapid growth rates for advanced therapies and biologics.

Pharmaceuticals are projected to see higher prices, limited availability, and delayed deliveries for many raw materials in the first half of 2022, and thus a continuation of the dynamic supply chain issues that have prevailed since 2021.

One of the many key positive developments that are rapidly gaining ground according to Manjit Singh, president of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI), is the global rise in sustainable sourcing and he predicts that transparency and delivery strategies will accelerate in 2022. sustainability. In an additional push for patients and sustainability, Yasemin Bettina Karanis, Senior Consultant at IQVIA, predicts that home management will continue to increase, and the challenge for device manufacturers will be the best way to demonstrate the value and impact of their new devices. For example, he added that this could be in "how to quantify the carbon footprint of self-administration rather than traveling to a hospital or demonstrating better adherence and patient experience."

Significantly, the industry expects continued high levels of approvals from the FDA: 29% predict that the FDA will approve between 21 and 30 new drug applications in 2022, 35% expect between 31 and 50 NDAs, and 15% suggest that there could be a record of more than 50 approvals. in the next year. 65% believe that mRNA technologies will be the biggest investment opportunities in 2022, followed by cell and gene therapies (45%) and biologics (43%).

In fact, 25% of the industry believe there could be as many as 10 approvals of new Covid vaccines in 2022, with the majority (45%) awaiting 5-10 and 29% 1-5 approvals.

2022 could also bring about significant regulatory changes, considering that the EU embarks on its drug policy reviews once every 20 years.


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