DuPont ™ Cyrel® Solutions Introduces Cyrel® Lightning UV-LED

7, October, 2021


DuPont™ Cyrel® Solutions introduced the new family of Cyrel® Lightning plates at the FTA Fall Conference (October 03-06) in Frisco, Texas (USA). These new printing plates are optimized for UV-LED exposure systemsAs Esko XPS Crystal, to make the most of its capabilities. Plate benefits include an even more optimized match between access time and plate performance, without compromising print quality.

Previously, the exposure settings on LED units often had to be adjusted for higher quality or shorter access time. Cyrel® Lightning sheets have been formulated from the ground up with UV-LED exposure characteristics in mind.

Cyrel® LSH is the first of the new range of photopolymer plates and will be available in gauges 045 and 067. It is a plate with a smooth surface, optimized for a wide range of substrates and print runs. flexible packaging, labels and paper printing applications.


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