DuPont partners with partners for medical devices

January 3, 2022


DuPont has been associated with TNO Holst Center and Pronat Medical, who have designed and produced the Nighthawk ™ wearable adhesive patch.

The patch concept combines DuPont's material solutions for the medical devices, through Intexar ™ elastic materials, including thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) films and elastic conductive inks, with DuPont ™ Liveo ™ silicone skin adhesives, suitable for attaching wearable devices to the body, and Liveo ™ biosensing technology. The combination of these innovative materials in a wearable medical patch connected offers adaptability, biocompatibility, breathability and comfort for the patient.

Innovative technologies for portable medical devices are highly valued. DuPont offers a collaborative ecosystem for designers and manufacturers to work with the company's medical device experts and innovative materials technologies to create next-generation wearable devices.

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