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Font Packaging Group launches the Font ECOPack initiative

July 13, 2020

Font Packaging Group has started the project Font ECO Pack throughout the group of companies to develop the integration of the Development Goals (SDG). It is a project that goes beyond the design and production of more sustainable products and implements a philosophy that influences the entire value chain of the companya, from the origin to the final product, going through all the activities and processes involved.

Since the UN Global Compact was signed in 2015, where 17 objectives were established to contribute to sustainable development (SDG), Font Packaging Group has been making changes and actions to align with the pact.

At the product level, the design and manufacture of more efficient and sustainable packaging solutions is prioritized, using new and alternative materials to those based on plastics and other raw materials with a greater environmental impact.

Francesc Font, CEO of Font Packaging Group, comments “when we design packaging we take into account that it must be functional and economical but also sustainable, both in manufacturing and in the elimination of waste. That is why we look for more efficient alternatives in terms of materials, their reuse or the reduction of logistics space. "

The EcoPack seal will identify the products designed and created to improve the sustainability of the previous packaging by applying ecodesign systems such as CLICKpal, a 100% recyclable pallet made entirely of corrugated cardboard; the CLICKbox, a container with cardboard pallet incorporated that is an ecological alternative to the traditional container; or customized solutions such as cardboard blisters that replace more polluting alternatives or packaging that eliminates the use of single-use plastics in the food chain

All of them are more sustainable packaging than those that precede them and that contribute to caring for the environment, reducing C02 emissions into the atmosphere and eliminating waste.


A global change

Prior to launching the project, the group has carried out an internal audit to review the policies and processes used and apply any changes that may be necessary. This analysis has served to confirm improvements and projects that had already been implemented, such as the commitment to green energy, the reuse of water thanks to purification, the waste classification and management process or the FSC certification that allows tracing the origin and the responsible management of the raw materials that make up all products.

Other projects that have been launched are the use of potato starch adhesive, much more natural and organic than other alternatives, as well as changes in the production processes that have allowed reaching the level of Residue 0 in Ramon Olivé, the corrugating plant of the group.

According to Francesc Font "in addition to focusing on packaging design, it is key that all the actions and processes of the company are integrated into the ECOPack project and are oriented towards an increasingly sustainable production system that reduces the ecological footprint."

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