Epson Small Format UV Flatbed Printer for Promotional Items

February 1th 2024


Epson has created a A4 UV flatbed printer entry-level product designed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses in the personalization and promotional items sector.

Compact and affordable, the SureColor V1000 can print on almost any rigid surface, making it the ideal companion for creating promotional and personalized items.

The SC-V1000 is of particular interest to a wide range of businesses, from photography businesses and small custom product manufacturers, to online printing companies and the tourism and leisure sector, such as theme parks.

Using Epson's award-winning SureColor technology, the SC-V1000 can print directly onto a wide range of media with thicknesses up to 70mm, including acrylics, polycarbonates, PVC, aluminum, metal, polyester, foam board, styrene, wood and stone.

With an integrated ink bag system with 6 colors (CMYK plus white and varnish), the SC-V1000 produces highly accurate and detailed images that can be easily customized.

Very compact in size (699mm x 699mm), the printer fits easily into most work environments and standard tables and, as it requires no space behind the unit, it can be placed in corners or against a wall.

Designed for small businesses, the SC-V1000 is also very easy to use and maintain, with a automatic cleaning system, which is activated from an intuitive and simple touch screen that eliminates the need for manual maintenance. Using Epson's Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) makes ink really easy to replace.

The SC-V1000 includes an air filtration system and odor reduction function, plus USB or Wi-Fi connectivity options and comes with Epson Edge Print RIP software, connection to Epson PORT and a three-year warranty to enjoy of greater peace of mind.

“It is strategic for Epson to enter the small format UV flatbed printing market with the SC-V1000,” he comments. Jordi Yagües, business manager of Commercial & Industrial Printing at Epson Ibérica. “With the promotional items market in mind, it is a compact and affordable Epson UV LED flatbed printer with a wide variety of unique features, capable of printing in high quality on a wide range of media.”

The SC-V1000 will be available throughout Europe through official Epson distributors from July 2024. 

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