Sticker Gizmo chooses renewable and compostable NatureFlex™ film for its labels

March 12th 2024

renewable and compostable film

The British label producer Sticker Gizmo now offers a range of sustainable solutions based on NatureFlex™ materialsmanufactured by Futamura for the front, plus a compostable adhesive.

This new range of labels offers a great solution for many applications: perfect for luxury products, multi-product labels, large and small stickers where a sustainable alternative is required. The new labels are available in clear, white or metallic to meet customer needs. These can be printed in all colors and achieve a high level of very decorative finish.

These labels offer all the benefits of traditional labels, while also providing sustainability. NatureFlex™ film is made from renewable wood pulp, supplied from responsibly managed plantations. It also complies with all relevant industrial composting standards including EN13432 and certified for home composting in accordance with Din Certco's “OK Home Compost” protocol and ABA French and Australian home composting standards.

Sticker Gizmo has chosen NatureFlex™ for its versatility, printability and sustainability. Alistair Tillen, founder of Sticker Gizmo, confirms: “the new NatureFlex™ label support provides an excellent addition to our product portfolio: it is a high-quality material and offers a valid end-of-life option after use.” “We are seeing many brands move to sustainable labeling as long as quality is not compromised, and we are delighted to offer a high-level sustainable alternative to our customers. This is essential for our future growth.”

Andy Sweetman, Sales and Marketing Director EMEA at Futamura, adds: “the labels produced by Sticker Gizmo with our NatureFlex films have the same advantages as those based on conventional plastics with the benefit of having a more acceptable end of life. We are delighted that our NatureFlex films are used for this application, in combination with a compostable adhesive. These labels clearly show what is possible in the self-adhesive label market today. As legislation evolves, it is very likely that more compostable labels will be required: the most recent example is the French AGEC Law which defines the essential requirements for labeling fruit and vegetables in France.

Premier Coating & Converters Ltd. is the British company that produces the label structure for Sticker Gizmo.

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