Supperstudio designs Christmas packaging for Dabiz Muñoz

21, February, 2022

Dabiz Munoz

the renowned chef Dabiz Munoz launched on the market for Christmas, by the hand of El Corte Ingles, a collection of nougat and roscones de reyes under its XO brand. superstudio has been the agency in charge of creating the concept, design and development of the packaging.

Two varieties of the roscón de reyes were launched: one made of cocoa with toffee and cookie crumbs and another made of violets with ginger and hibiscus. Supperstudio worked on two lines, on the one hand, it renamed the product to connect it directly with the brand and created the new denomination Roxcon and, on the other hand, he revised one of the symbols of Dabiz Muñoz's visual universe, his famous flying pigs. A nice illustration, the new denomination and the use of color are the three ingredients used in the design.

The novelty of Dabiz Muñoz for last Christmas was the launch of his first collection of nougats. For the packaging design, Supperstudio was inspired by the shapes and colors of traditional sweets and candy stores. They sought to convey that place of fantasy, attractive and full of bright colors. They designed the lettering nougat that combines the brand and helps to identify the category and the product. In addition, they eliminated the product descriptors to replace them with visual denominations that made the buyer identify the four varieties of the collection: popcorn nougat, Pedroche cheesecake, roscón de reyes or milk with cereals.

Dabiz Munoz
Dabiz Munoz


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