The Paper Lid Company and Metsä Board present a recyclable cardboard lid for cups

27, October, 2021

Recyclable cardboard cover from The Paper Lid Company and Metsä Board

Long-term collaboration between the company Finnish The Paper Lid Company and Metsä Board, which is part of the Metsä Group, has led to the development of a 100% recyclable cardboard lid for use with take away glasses.

Made from fully recyclable dispersion barrier cardboard, the lid is suitable for use with hot and cold beverages. It uses an innovative technology developed by The Paper Lid Company that allows the cardboard to be shaped into the desired shape. The result is a one-piece lid that snaps firmly into place and offers performance comparable to a traditional plastic lid.

"Reducing the volume of plastic waste is a critically important issue, and together with our partners we are continually developing and testing new innovative solutions that have the circular economy approach at their core," he says Ilkka Harju, Director of Packaging Services for EMEA and APAC at Metsä Board. {The cardboard cover is a great example of precisely that solution.

"Creating a 100% recyclable cardboard lid is something we have been working on for many years, and now, thanks to the invaluable support of the Metsä Board, we have been able to create a functional solution," he says. Matti salonoja, founder of The Paper Lid Company.

The company's production team in Masku, southwest Finland, is ready to start large-scale production.

The carbon footprint of a cardboard lid is more than 50% lower than that of a plastic lid and it is fully recyclable.


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