Latampack awards verdict 2018

14, January, 2019

The jury of the LATAMPACK awards, organized by the American company Verdictas Internacional, has awarded nine Latampack awards, with an outstanding presence from Argentina, Mexico, Spain, Brazil and Chile. This is the verdict:

1. LATAMPACK AWARD for the best beverage packaging, bottle and label design to: 
● CALIFORNIA BALANZ, from Misty Wells, Argentina 
● RAINMAN WAIN, from Jose Vila, Spain. 
And the following works obtained a LATAMPACK Selection: 
- Rosé S'il Vous Plaît de Pulenta Estate, by Carolina Saguan, Argentina 
- Flores Negras by Santa Julia, from Carolina Saguan, Argentina 
- Gato Negro Breeze, by YG Design, Argentina 
- Carallán, from Desños, Spain 
- ALAE / Viña las Perdices, from Estudio Iuvaro, Argentina 
- Chandón Limited edition Love, by Adrian Pierini, Argentina 
- Paceña Carnaval 2017, by Adrian Pierini, Argentina. 

2 .LATAMPACK AWARD for the best Food packagings for: 
● MAURICE- GLORIA AL CAFÉ, from Narita Estudio, Spain. 
And the following works obtained a LATAMPACK Selection: 
- Urban Cuisine Cooking Spray, by Ian Wallace, Chile 
- Bình Minh Coffee, by Ian Wallace, Chile 
- Wheat Me, from Creativo Vales, Mexico 
- Coccolino Pastelerí, by Ian Wallace, Chile 
- Alebrije, from Frequentia, Mexico 
- Manu Meri Honey, from Grupo Oxigeno, Chile 
- Packing Alma verde, by Luis humberto muñoz parcero / Pinstudio Arte Aplicado, Mexico.

3. LATAMPACK AWARD for the best packaging of Beauty and Perfumery products to: 
● AMARA BODY OIL, by Ian Wallace, Chile.

4. LATAMPACK AWARD for the best luxury packaging "Premium Pack" to: 
● SINGANI DON LUCHO DE ORO, by Adrian Pierini, Argentina.

5. LATAMPACK AWARD for the best packaging of a product for the Home, tools, appliances, appliances, etc. to:
● GATUNA, from Bold, Spain.
And the following works obtained a LATAMPACK Selection:
- Green-Top Range, by Magic Mirror Design, Spain
- Gosbi Exclusive Grain Free, from Bold, Spain
- Bioreshop, by Barceló Estudio, Spain
- Sabao Polar, from Quadrante Design, Brazil
- Girando Sol Concentrated Softeners, from ACDI Neurobranding, Brazil.

6. LATAMPACK AWARD for the best “ecofriendly” packaging material reduction, recyclable, sustainable production, etc. to:

7. LATAMPACK AWARD for the best solution for logistics and distribution to:
● GIRANDO SOL BOX SYSTEMS, from ACDI Neurobranding, Brazil.

8. LATAMPACK AWARD for the best packaging in the Miscellany Packs not included in other categories for:
● LLINGUA MATERNA, from Sigum, Spain.

The category for the Best Pharmacy and Parapharmacy packaging, and the category for the Best “Young Design” student work pack were left deserted.


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