Virospack expands its catalog with 100% recyclable recycled droppers

30, May, 2022

Virospack droppers

Virospack, specialist in droppers for cosmetics, presents its range of drippers 100% recyclable made with PCR materials (post-consumer recycled).

All components of the droppers, teat, cap and pipette, are made from recycled materials. In its production, CO2 emissions are reduced, as well as the waste generated after its use. They are plastic droppers that are recycled without the need to disassemble or separate, since they are recycled together in a single piece.

Virospack offers a wide spectrum of dropper models with all components produced with a high percentage of PCR, recycled and recyclable materials. PCR droppers that add to the available options of glass bottles also PCR.

Virospack, controlling the entire production chain, has been working from the beginning on the development of sustainable materials, as well as more efficient production technologies and new designs that allow manufacturing to be recycled.


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