Garden Gourmet Vuna, a 100% vegetable alternative to tuna

January 24, 2022

vegetable alternative to tuna

Garden Gourmet strategically expands its range and launches a 100% vegetable alternative to tuna. Vuna, made from pea protein, offers all the flavor, appearance and texture of conventional tuna, but without containing fish.

Vuna is rich in protein (20g per serving), does not include added sugars, does not contain preservatives or artificial colors and is suitable for vegans. It is ready to eat and comes in a glass jar that the consumer can find in the refrigerated area of ​​stores and supermarkets.

The products plant based closed the year with double-digit sales growth. After the good reception of plant-based alternatives to meat that have already been incorporated regularly in 40% of households in Spain, Nestlé and Garden Gourmet take another step in their plant-based strategic expansion and introduce Vuna in our country , the first vegan alternative to canned tuna that reaches the shelves of large distribution.

“With Vuna, we offer consumers an alternative to one of the staples in everyone's pantry: canned tuna. Consumers who, for various reasons, want to reduce their consumption of animal protein now also have a 100% vegetable alternative to fish that, in addition to offering a very similar taste, is as versatile as the original product and, therefore, they will be able to incorporate in numerous dishes and recipes”, points out Ignacio Roses, Culinary director of Nestlé Spain.

Although its texture, appearance and flavor are like those of canned tuna, Vuna is 100% vegetable and is made from pea protein. This innovation is born thanks to the work of Nestlé Research in Laussanne (Switzerland), the company's main research center. Thanks to its experience in this field, it was possible to give a laminated texture like that of tuna to pea protein.

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