WLS Introduces RFID Tagging Solutions

16, September, 2021

WLS Introduces RFID Tagging Solutions

WLS, brand of products ProMach, has presented its latest solutions of RFID tagging. WLS has adapted its high speed pressure sensitive label printers and label applicators to incorporate the latest RFID technology.

When applying RFID tags to vials, bottles, tubes, syringes and devices, WLS delivers dynamic labels that can lock in selected variable data, while allowing other data to update throughout the life of the product. This simplifies inventory control for end users, while providing product verification and authenticity to manufacturers.

“The adoption of RFID tags is driven by pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers who want to offer better product traceability and authentication, as well as by end users who require products with a dynamic fingerprint to track doses and inventories. RFID tags can be valuable to any industry interested in improving product traceability and authentication, not just in hospitals and pharmacies, "he says. Peter sarvey, director of business development for WLS.

RFID tags are read, written (encoded), locked or unlocked, verified, applied to the product, and reverified. The tag web path has been configured to preserve the integrity of the RFID chips and antennas during the tag application process.


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