A label that reflects origin, tradition and family

March 12th 2024


La Piedras de San Pedro winery, located in Pesquera de Duero, commissioned the new design of its Loculto Crianza wine a Miguel Díez design studio.

This three-generation family winery receives its name in memory of the large stones that were surrounding the Hermitage of San Pedro, where in the past, the townspeople gathered to chat and enjoy a snack with a glass of wine in hand.

Those stones no longer exist, but the design studio was inspired by the stone wall of the hermitage, photographing its texture. By applying an emboss (upward relief) and a deboss (downward relief) and in combination with the Fasson Cotton Extra White paper, they achieved a high level of roughness in the label.

They also decided that the protagonist would be doorknob of the same hermitage, as a symbol of entry and beginning to the new project, using two stampings and also emboss and deboss to achieve a high degree of realism.

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