Blemil bets on a more sustainable and recyclable packaging

November 14th 2022


blemil, the range of infant formulas from Ordesa Laboratories, is now presented in a more advanced and sustainable packaging, made of metal 100% recyclable and a design specially designed to protect the quality of the product from oxygen, humidity and light, thus providing maximum hygiene and safety, thanks to a protective inner layer of aluminum and a sealing check.

It is a very comfortable container, with a special design to store the spoon separately from the product and that keeps the lid attached to the container to facilitate handling. The design incorporates an easy closing lid and a perfect fit,

Blemil® Optimum ProTech is the most innovative formula in the range of infant formulas from Laboratorios Ordesa, with an exclusive combination of three bioactive compounds present in breast milk (HMO, lacteal osteopontin and MFGM) and vitamin D, which helps the normal functioning of the immune system*. It also incorporates Bifidobacterium infantis IM-1, an exclusive probiotic strain patented by Laboratorios Ordesa, characteristic of babies fed with breast milk. In addition, it has a high milk fat content, and no palm oil, which gives it a good taste and digestive tolerance. 

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