Casa Berger - Com un llum / Tati Guimarães

23 January 2017

Com un llum is a project devised by the designer Tati Guimarães

Com a llum is a project devised by the designer Tati Guimaraes, founder of the study Cyclus, with the graphic collaboration of Albert Virgil Hill, responsible for communication of Berger House.

The outer packaging consists of a polypropylene cover that projects a warm and soft light. Inside there is a cardboard compartment where the bottles are located and another that serves as the base of the lamp and which in turn houses the lamp holder, the cable and the bulb necessary for its function. With an easy 5-step mounting system, the case turns into a light 360º design ideal for corners of the home, or to use on the bedside table.

The name of the packaging, “Com un llum” is a popular Catalan expression to say that someone is absolutely crazy. With this play on words that links light with the brand's transgressive and insulting spirit, the winery wanted to pay tribute to the crazy Catalans. "Figures like Dalí, Gaudí or great poets and writers who with their madness have challenged the status quo and illuminate Catalonia with their eccentric extravagance", they say from Casa Berger.

The case contains two bottles of wine, The Xitxarel lo (xarel lo) and El Cabronet (Cabernet Sauvignon), with labels silkscreened where you can read a total of 130 Catalan insults. Its intention is to recover autochthonous varieties and rescue from oblivion the Catalan insults, very unique and representative of the land, such as the Xarel lo grape, used in its wines.

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