Dorian designs the packaging for La Dansada, wines with symbolism

29, March, 2022


the dance is a small line wines from Alegre Wines & Spirits, made up of a red and a white belonging to the Denomination of Origin Terra Alta, with a packaging designed by Dorian.

The commission required an integral development at a communicative level, being necessary to consider from what the conceptual approach should be, to the name and the graphic image. All this had to be done under clear premises, among which the need to establish some link with the area of ​​origin of the wines stood out, that the name work both in Catalonia and throughout Spain or that the image of the wines be clean, elegant and cheerful.

Connection with Terra Alta It was achieved through the name "La Dansada", whose meaning in Catalan is "act of dancing" and which is also a typical dance of the region that is danced at the festival of some of its municipalities. A name belonging to the celebration of a place, which was also easily understood in the rest of Spain. In addition, the name had playful and positive connotations (dancing, celebrating...) so it conveyed joy and fun in this way.

For the graphic image, we sought to move away from the codes of traditional folklore to give an aesthetic twist, representing in the labels two characters who dance and interact with the wine itself through a very simple and at the same time singular language.


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