DS Smith creates a thinner cardboard that allows for smoother surfaces and improves printing

July 11, 2016

Ds smith, a bespoke packaging company specialized in the design of innovative packaging, has presented its new channel R-Flute developed by design experts especially for the consumer goods industry.

The new development, with 30% more waves per cm2 and 20% thinner than previous models, allows smoother surfaces, sharper folds, narrower pillars and more square containers. What has repercussions in a greater “brand appeal” in the shelves, key piece in the industry of the great consumption.

The presentation took place within the framework of the breakfast organized by the company under the title "The role of packaging in the perfect shopping experience". This new cardboard It is located between channel B and E, specifically channel R, and offers great advances and advantages that result in a greater optimization of the packaging.

For the Supply Cycle Director-PackRigth of DS Smith UK, Peter Redfearn, it is a product that, although it is already being used outside of Spain, is currently being introduced nationally. Thus, he indicated that "we have discovered that this channel protects the product better because there are 7% fewer breaks in it," he indicated.

In the same vein, he pointed out that channel R will not replace channel B, but will be used, for example, for the production of trays, small packages or packaging ready for display in a Retail Ready Packaging (RRP) store.

In addition, the R-Flute allows better perforations at the point of sale and a more reliable opening with a cleaner cut. This new innovation in the cardboard structure also manages to take care of and optimize the impression of the image and the brands, which makes it more consistent and avoids distortions in the perception of it by the shopper.

In the supply chain, it achieves greater storage optimization since it allows 20% more packaging per pallet.


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