Elmwood renews the image of Alpro

21th September 2023


With more than 40 years of experience in plant-based products, the enormous range of flavors of Alpro distinguishes them from the rest. The challenge of elmwood was to refine its signature assets and inject more flavor into all aspects of the Alpro brand.

The updated design intensifies the defense of delicious flavors through images and language. The packaging's photography style highlights individual ingredients with a rebalanced palette that combines vibrant whites with pops of color to ensure creativity remains authentic to Alpro.

Copy plays an integral role, evolving the brand voice with descriptive language to help consumers explore the varieties. They created a new typeface, 'Alprolicious', with Rachel Joy and Monotype, which matches Alpro's unique textures and delightful photography.

Alpro's new look recognizes the brand as the plant icon that brings a new confidence edge to cement its status as a category leader and innovator.

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