GSE partners with Prethink Ink to advance water-based inks

27, September, 2021

GSE and Prethink Ink

Photo: Anne Lourens managing director GSE Dispensing. GSE, specialist in ink logistics, brings his experience to help reduce the environmental impact of flexible packaging when joining the network Prethink Ink, a group of suppliers to the printing industry that promotes the adoption of water based inks.

Today, solvent-based inks are the standard choice for flexible packaging products such as bags, envelopes, and wrappers. However, safer and more environmentally friendly water-based gravure and flexographic inks now offer comparable performance and competitive costs. Thanks to improvements in resin technology, ink formulations and drying systems, it is possible to obtain excellent print quality, equivalent to that of solvent-based inks. In addition to reducing the carbon footprint of flexible packaging, water-based inks emit lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them safer to work with and easier to comply with regulations.

Created by Basf, the net Prethink Ink is dedicated to raising awareness of the capabilities of water-based technology and providing guidance on best practices. The network includes companies from the entire packaging value chain, such as machine and tool manufacturers, raw material suppliers, ink manufacturers, packaging converters and brand owners.

As a provider of solutions such as dispensing systems and software, GSE offers its expertise to help flexible packaging printers make the transition to water-based inks smoothly and reducing operating costs.

GSE solutions enable container and label converters to eliminate ink-related waste at all stages of the workflow. Modular ink dispensing systems automate the preparation of specialty mark spot colors with repeatable precision, in the exact volumes required. This enables lower ink costs, using base colors without the need for expensive pre-mixed inks, and easier logistics.

The partners of the Prethink Ink network also include: Actega, Comexi Group, Druckfarben, Follmann, Grupo Consist, NNZ, Quimovil, Saueressig, Silbo and Uteco Group.


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