Kraken Rum, in Victorian-style rum bottles

19, April, 2022

Kraken rum

El Kraken rum is a ron night-black in color, which gets its name from the mythical Kraken, a monstrous giant squid with the strength to crush more than a dozen elephants with its tentacles. 

The Kraken Rum is packaged in victorian style rum bottles with two circular handles on the sides that were used to hang the bottle preventing it from breaking. The label black announces that it is a "rum imported from the Caribbean and mixed with natural flavors".

The base rum with which it is made originates from Trinidad and is made by distilling molasses from local sugar cane. The distillate is aged between 1 and 2 years in oak barrels and then added a highly secret mixture of eleven spices, known only to include cinnamon, ginger and cloves. The resulting beverage is black with brownish reflections when held up to the light. 

Kraken® is a brand in the portfolio of Icon Spirits, an independent luxury spirits distribution company that offers a complete brand building and marketing service in Spain. In 2020, it incorporated five new brands: Kraken®, Reserva 1800®, Bushmills®, Maestro Dobel®, Gran Centenario® and José Cuervo.


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