Lanjarón presents its 50cl bottle made entirely with recycled plastic

18, January, 2021

Lanjarón, Danone waters, adds another format to your offer made 100% by recycled plastic (rPET), the 50cl bottle. The brand thus takes a further step in its commitment to the environment and the circular economy, betting on giving plastics a second life. A journey that already began in 2018 with the launch of its 1,25L bottle and which it recently reaffirmed by announcing that all its bottles will be made with recycled plastic this year.

La bottle it is now available at points of sale and offers a more sustainable option for water consumption outside the home. Following the brand's strategy, this format includes the message "100% made from other bottles" to raise awareness about the importance of recycling and its key role when offering sustainable packaging.

Lanjarón is ahead of the initial date scheduled for 2025 and becomes the first Aguas Danone brand in Spain to complete this transition, reaching the goal it pursues with its commitment to circularity: produce your bottles without extracting new resources from the planet. This commitment will be materialized with the transition across its range to 100% rPET formats, which is expected to be effective in September. In addition to the focus on packaging, the brand is working on reducing greenhouse gas (CO2) emissions to neutralize its emissions 100% by 2025 and be a net zero emissions brand.


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