Launch of the website of NEWS PACKAGING

April 23th 2012

The website of the new magazine NEWS PACKAGING which is currently at number 0 and which has already made a very good impression and is very well received by all companies in the packaging, merchandising and design sector, it opens in the three w's as a weekly update website for latest news from the sector, as well as a sample of the news that the magazine (in its paper and digital edition) contains.

The web It consists of 6 sections that will represent a sample of the interests that the world of packaging, merchandising and design awakens.

  • Section FAIR - It will inform about the next fairs that will take place in the world in written and visual form with a map that will show the points where they will be held. In addition to the latest news from the most relevant fairs in the sector and the latest awards in the sector.
  • Section CREATIVITY - the exhibition of the most important minds in the sector and their creations in packaging, merchandising or products.
  • Section NEWS - the latest news from the sector, briefly and concisely.
  • Section INNOVATION - the latest products created by companies and samples of what they are capable of developing and inventing to meet the needs of the sector.
  •  Section Who is who? - We will show you the companies that have undergone an exhaustive interview to know their whole being.
  • Section PACKAGING AND ENVIRONMENT  - The news that shows us the great importance of packaging on the impact of the environment. Interviews, products or systems will be shown with the requirement to preserve planet Earth.

On the web you will also find the possibility of subscribing to our Newsletter, which will send you a weekly summary of the most important news in the sector.

Also during the magazine launch NEWS PACKAGING You will find No. 0 and No. 1 in digital format with unlimited access, so that you can see the content of our publication.

We invite you to follow us and although you can start with very few content entries, the important thing today is to be here.

Greetings and we are seeing each other


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