PRAD gives color to Diptyque candles

July 20, 2021

The glasses from the collection of Candles Diptyque that tell the story of 9 cities were decorated in France by PRAD, relying on its liquid metallization, lacquering and screen printing technologies. Thanks to their combination, they can be obtained decorations complex through the effects of materials and designs, which can only be achieved with meticulous work. Far from the standards, special effect inks have been used to bring light and shine. Each of the vesselsOne-of-a-kind, it faced a technical challenge, due to its conical shape.

The glasses of the candles London and Hong Kong metallized, including shiny silver and pink, and then screen printed. The candle jar Shanghai is lacquered in bright red, while those of New York, Miami, Berlin, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Paris They were matt lacquered. All 9 have been screen printed with effect inks.

PRAD's liquid metallization process has been fully reviewed in consultation with regional environmental stakeholders, including DREAL. PRAD, an independent French company specializing in the decoration of glass and aluminum containers, is a member of the Industry of the Future 2.0 program in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

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