Ranpak launches Flap'itTM and expands its automated packaging offering

18, July, 2022


Ranpak releases Flap'it!TM, a very efficient machine that automates the packaging of a series of small products.

The solution Flap'it! automatically adjusts to item height and secures product in place with internal flaps and built-in corner bumpers. This ensures the protection of products during shipment, significantly reducing costs, damage and product returns. The system is operated by a single operator and can easily move around the facilities; it also has a number of safety features and takes up little space.

Flap'it! it can wrap up to 540 packages per hour, nine packages per minute, five times faster than manual wrapping. The machine integrates into labeling solutions for the online application of shipping labels, and since it uses raw material to form the packages, Flap'it! eliminates the need to stock multiple box sizes in inventory. When the recipient receives the package, it is easy for them to open it, no knives, scissors or other tools are required. Small packages can be sent by traditional mail.

The solution Flap'it! it is ideal for e-commerce and logistics operations, such as B2C sellers of books, photo albums, personalized gifts, music, games, art and small electronics; and for B2B operations for the shipment of small spare parts, as well as for beauty and personal care products. Flap'it! It fits easily into a typical pick and pack process and can pack products up to 80 mm (3,15 inches) high. It is easy to use, requires minimal operator training and can deliver up to 50% cost savings on packaging material without producing corrugated waste. It also offers a higher quality unboxing experience compared to pillow-type bags.

One of the first clients of Flap'it! is CEWE, Europe's leading photo service based in Germany, which ships more than six million photo albums a year.


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