PLD and ADF Innovation Awards Winners Revealed

January 26, 2024

PLD and ADF Innovation Awards

The company Easyfairs, organizer of Paris Packaging Week, closed the event by revealing the award winners PLD and ADF Innovation Awards.

The juries presiding over these two ceremonies awarded 17 awards and 9 certificates that reward the best innovations worldwide in the fields of perfumery, cosmetics and personal care, premium beverages, aerosols and dispensing systems.

The PLD and ADF Innovation Awards highlight last year's most innovative packaging in the luxury, premium beverage and aerosol sectors. Visitors to Paris Packaging Week were able to discover the finalists, inspirational models, in a gallery dedicated to the Innovation Awards.

PLD Innovation Awards

The PLD Innovation Awards recognize the best innovations and new packaging launched in the international premium and luxury beverage market during the past year. The jury, made up of 12 people (representing the companies Moët Hennessy, Champagne Taittinger, Pernod Ricard, Bacardi, Rémy Cointreau and The Coca Cola Company), met at the Jujin New York Luxury Packaging facilities on December 8, 2023 to study participating applications. The president of the jury was Christophe Mantoz from Eurostampa.

In total, the jury decided to award the following 11 prizes and 3 certificates:

New category: Mass Market Innovation (< €15)

Award: LatCub® Premium – Heineken

Certificate: Vodka – Stratus Packaging

New category: Mass Market Innovation (between €15 – €30)

Prize: On the Fringe – Denomination Super & Ultra Premium Innovation (between €30 – €100)

Award: Rhum JM Canopée – Westrock

Certificate: Gray Goose Night Vision 2023 – Bacardi

Luxury Innovation (between €100 – €1000)

Award: Bouteille Tequila Barajas – Tequila Barajas Sarl

Award: Horizon Single Cru – Martell

Hyper Luxe and Bespoke (> €1000)

Award: Hennessy Paradis – Hennessy/Pusterla 1880/Danzer

Certificate: Grand Marnier Quintessence – Ritual Ribbon Pourer – Grand Marnier/Chic

Special Jury Prize: Collection Dames Jeanne Martell – Martell et Cie – Development of ultra-prestige packaging

PLD Sustainable Innovation

Award: Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Cocoon – Limited Edition by Fernando Laposse – Maison Perrier-Jouët (MMPJ, Pernod Ricard)

Award: Hautes de Glaces – Remy Cointreau

Packaging Redesign

Prize: Dom Pérignon emblematic institutional gift box – Dom Pérignon/Pusterla 1880

Value Added Packaging

Prize: Dugas Advent Calendar – La Bibliothèque du Whiskey/Rhum – Dugas, Distributeur de spiritueux exceptionnels / MPO

ADF Innovation Awards

The jury of the ADF Innovation Awards (composed of 19 people representing in particular L'Oréal, Unilever International, Procter & Gamble, Henkel and Coty) decided to award 6 prizes and 6 certificates to reward the best innovations and new packaging launched during the year. past in the global market for aerosols and dispensing systems. Alain D'Haesse was the president of the jury.

The winners of the six categories are the following:

ADF Sustainable Innovation

Award: Minimalist – TUBEX GmbH

Certificate: Nivea Déo Spray + New aerosol production center in Leipzig – Beiersdorf AG, registered office

Certificate: Steel mounting cups with CFPA et BPA-NI coating – ArcelorMittal Flat Europe

Personal Care

Prize: PureOra 36500 Creamy Toothpaste – Kao Corporation

Certificate: SAGE® Azalea Flow Control – DTS Europe

Certificate: Respray Solutions Kft Recharging Solution – TUBEX GmbH

Certificate: Nivea Pearl & Beauty – TUBEX GmbH Household

Award: Assainisseur d'air Lysol – Reckitt Industrial & Technical Application

Prize: One-piece steel coil for Förch TF60 – xtracan GmbH

Concept of the year

Award: Kao Salon Color Wizard – Kao Germany GmbH

Certificate: Rainbow – TUBEX GmbH

New Category: « FEA Aerosol Technology of the Year » Award

Award: Rabanne Shimmer Bomb – Groupe Envases

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